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K&J Cherry Highboy

Custom Furniture

Custom furniture that’s made to your specifications will always be a better fit than production items. This is true of kitchen cabinets, specialty cabinetry, vanities, beds, tables, sofas…everything. There are many reasons a custom piece is better but here are just a few.

– exact sizing to match the space
– liberal material choices to suit your taste
– color and finishing options
-quality control and detail beyond visible exterior
-personal assistance from builder of item
– opportunity to personalize a design to your liking



The Custom Furniture Time Savings

Another benefit that may not be readily apparent is the time savings. While so much or our searching can be done online these days there usually comes the point where you must go look at the short list of items that get as close to your specifications as possible. This can mean hours or days of travelling around looking at potentials not to mention fuel wasted. Not so when you are getting custom made items.

When you are dealing with a custom furniture builder we come to you, in your home, and you tell us what you are hoping to achieve in every detail and that is what we bring back to you and deliver or install. Saving time, frustration and travel always sounds good. More time for relaxing and enjoying your home.

If you have an idea for a piece of furniture or a custom solution for your home then why wait? Give us a call or email us and request some information.

We’re here to help!


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