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Fantasy style-cabinet 01

 Fantasy style cabinets

Bed-knobs & Broomsticks….Beauty and The Beast… talking teapots and clothes chests with mustaches. Anything is possible in a fantasy. So too with fantasy style cabinets and  furniture largely because it walks to a different drum where the creative and artistic meets function and form and has some fun along the way.

Armed with a good imagination and a willingness to break from the norm you can create unique pieces of furniture to enjoy for a lifetime.

fantasy style-cabinet 02

Kids rooms are a great place to create fantasy style furniture for. Or how about a stand alone TV cabinet, wardrobe or pantry.


The point is there may be a few different locations and applications you hadn’t considered before but would look great as a special stand alone piece of uniquely designed furniture. People will talk about it. The one pictured has been copied by a few people that I know of after we built it for a client.

Options For Finishes For Elegant Fantasy Styling

For many the real interesting part is the shape…it isn’t boxy like most pieces of cabinetry or furniture which tend to be a rectangle squarish. The curving sides and shaped doors add the most interest to the piece albeit the colorful palette does grab your attention too. We have been considering creating one with exotic veneers like Tiger Maple, Zebra wood or Speckled Cherry. We think it would offer the best of both worlds – creative form and function as well as classic beauty with the real wood finishes. What do you think? What wood do you think would suit this type of design…..let us know in your comments below.

Let Us Help You Design A Special Cabinet

If you have an idea of your own that you would like help with to bring it to life, whether that’s drawing it up for you, doing a 3D model or pricing out the cost to build it for you we can help. Go Here and let us know what you are looking for. Be as detailed as you can be and we’ll get back to you ASAP to let you know what we can do to help out.

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