Greg D. SnydersYep, that’s me. So now that’s out of the way. I prefer to know that there is a real person behind the company name so for those of you who feel the same … here you go.

We’ve been designing and building furniture and cabinetry and our favourite – wine cellars – for over 10 years from the Georgian Bay area of Ontario and have done installations throughout the GTA up to the Muskokas. 30 years experience in the construction industry has burned into my brain that nothing is impossible. I never stop learning new ways of doing things, new materials and innovative solutions which I try to incorporate into our work whenever possible. My first love remains wine cellars though. We got started by helping other companies install wine cellars as well as sometimes helping to design. What we really enjoyed the was seeing the pure joy and enthusiasm of the new wine cellar owner as they inspected the finished product.

Eventually we incorporated the designing and building of custom wine cellars into our services of producing unique custom furniture and other custom solutions. We build custom cellar components and are a distributor for other manufacturers as well. We are a re-seller of cooling equipment and high end wine fridges.

Still today, the best part of a job is seeing the smile of satisfaction when a client sees their idea or concept as a real object, piece of furniture or wine cellar…whatever it may be. Apart from getting paid there is a lot of personal fulfillment that comes from those moments. I really do appreciate all the great folks we’ve worked with over the years. Thanks to all of you.