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The Wine Cellar

We try to demystify the whole wine cellar concept. Too many pros in this business make it seem like its some place with legendary attributes in an effort to drive up the perceived value of what is basically a storage space but more pretty than utilitarian. We go to great lengths to make it pretty AND functional but more importantly – what you want and need. We make sure the space looks as good as it works or better and has the WOW effect for you and any visitors but we work hard to deliver the value for your investment.

What does a Wine Cellar do?

A wine cellar basically stores wine at a constant temperature, protects from harmful light and regulates humidity to optimum levels for the preservation of the labels and the organic corks. There are additional considerations as well that a properly designed wine cellar will accomplish, like minimizing or ideally eliminating vibration from the local environment. While still a matter of debate among aficionados as to whether or not or how much it actually has an effect its just a good policy to make it a consideration in the design. 

Should you add Climate Control to your Wine Cellar?

Besides just the storage most cellars today incorporate cooling. This option while not absolutely necessary (depending on the average ambient mean temperature and temperature fluctuations) is kind of an insurance for those who wish to keep a collection for the long term. Some wines need several years to reach maturation and climate control assures they will do so without mishap or spoilage due to outside factors. For the collectors among our clients there was a need to control the climate because of the investment aspect of the wine. In order for the value to be there in 3, 5, 7 years from now when one goes to sell a case of wine that has increased in value by 500-700% it just seems logical to control the environment to have the best results possible.

When a Wine Room is too much…

Even if you have the room there may be no need for a wine cellar proper. You may not be a collector yet still wish to have some wine on hand for personal consumption and entertaining. In this case a wine fridge could do the trick. From just a few bottles to a few hundred, whatever size you think is adequate can be matched to a fridge style wine storage unit or a furniture style wine cooler that can be kept out of the dining or kitchen area directly. There are numerous manufacturers to choose from. We prefer to deal with a a couple that do an outstanding job of both making the units and post purchase customer service. Please call or email for more details.


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